Audio-Visual Content & Production

Published and Live communications today is conveyed through various formats of media. Our job is to ensure that creative content received, sent and produced are closest to being audibly perfect, as well as appealing, promoting firmly positive impacts to millennial minds through time.

Interactive Social Media Events

Great social content shapes how prospective customers perceive your business’ brand. We understand how this helps start building loyalty long before purchases and demand are ever made. However, if your content is getting buried under irrelevant articles and trending new stories online, you’re effectively flushing all those social media marketing wealth down the drain. We help to ensure this never happens to your brand.

Public Relations

Operating with creativity and ingenuity to heighten your objective & campaign, we offer a full suite of corporate communications capabilities to support your goals. Reputation management and head planning are some of the most important things an organization can invest in. At Anita Erskine Media, we work with companies on crisis issues at all levels; from scenario planning, to regulatory engagement and breaking news stories. We protect clients’ reputations and minimize any negative impact on your brand.

Motivational Events

Experience over a decade allows us to source a comprehensive range of world-class speakers and entertainers to meet with your conference or event objectives. Whether you are looking for motivation, inspiration or just fun we have the answer in our trusted network of proven, recognized and truly outstanding partnerships and initiatives.

Business & Entrepreneurship Training Sessions

We offer the best possible Training Solutions to organizations and individuals through career-focused short courses that provide proactive, relevant responses to the skills development needs identified in various industry sectors, places of work, communities, Ghana, and beyond.