BossLady Productions is a subsidiary of Anita Erskine Media. It is a Content Development Consultancy with special focus on women – inspired formats and shows that promote the extraordinary emergence of Africa.

BLP Productions:

Sheroes of Our Time is a global platform that showcases/celebrates various strong and unique women around the world who have successful stories to share, inspire and engage other women across generations and continents.

Sheroes is especially designed to:

– Highlight milestones being made by African Women, Women of African descent around the World and Women working on the continent of Africa.

– Inspire young women / girls to develop a powerful sense of self Interact with women across and beyond the African continent to ensure they consistently understand the urgency to push for their goals through to the next level

– Create a platform for women to connect and strengthen each other with their expertise and contributions

Culture and Money is a television show that features conversations with successful cultural influencers, including musicians, fashion designers, chefs, sports, entertainment and creative business professionals. Unlike many entertainment interview shows, Culture and Money (C&M) has guests talk about their craft and the business of it, in relation to money – how they make it, how they manage it and how they keep it going. At the core of the show, is the concept of telling never heard of stories about the financial side of what it takes to make an impact in culture. Viewers get entertained while learning success secrets from those they admire. C&M is a one-on-one interview style show, in a relaxed homey setting that gives off a personal, candid and entertaining viewer experience. The whole show block on television is thirty minutes, with commercial breaks in between.

C&M is currently licensed to Africa’s biggest satellite tv provider, DSTV. It is unique show in the lineup of content made for and by Ghanaians on DSTV’s all new Akwaaba Magic Channel 150. The show airs on Fridays at 6pm (W.A.T) and repeated on Mondays at 12:30pm. C&M is also accessible on DSTV’s digital streaming platform Showmax where viewers outside of Africa can also watch.